Skippered sailing holidays in the Greek islands

Our skippered sailing holidays – the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. Discover the Greek islands on your own pace with family and friends. If you enjoy swimming, snorkelling and staying overnight in enchanting unspoilt coves, or mooring up in picturesque fishing harbours and going on shore to explore pretty villages, then spending your holidays on a privately chartered sail boat is going to be a dream vacation.
We know the Greek islands like the back of our hands, thus you can rely on our local knowledge and prior experience to advise you on suitable destinations. Together we will work out the perfect itinerary that suits your ideas and preferences. Our personal approach starts right from the beginning: You will communicate and make all arrangements regarding your sailing holidays directly with us, the owners, who later will be also your crew. As your skipper and co-skipper we will take care of your safety and convenience while sailing together.

We have designed a package that includes all additional costs of a charter, as well as many other extras: diesel, mooring fees, end cleaning, yacht`s insurance, Wi-Fi, SUP, and even lunches. That way we can assure you a hassle-free vacation at an affordable and transparent price.

  • Pax

    Up to 8 Persons

  • Price per boat (Not per person)

    From 3350 €

  • Duration

    From 1 week

  • Location

    Argosaronic Gulf & Cyclades & Eastern cost of the Peloponnese

Sailing Region

Athens, as the starting point of your sailing adventure, offers the chance to visit two magnificent island groups: the Saronic islands and the Cyclades. As we have travelled intensively both areas, we can provide you with all possible information in order to plan the ideal itinerary that satisfies your very personal wishes.

The Saronic Islands

The Saronic Islands captivate with sceneries, that combine turquoise coloured waters with lush vegetation, charming port towns and world-famous archaeological sites. Their proximity to Athens, the small distances between the islands, as well as the fact that you find usually light and friendly winds makes them the favourite destination for new sailors and are ideal for families with children.

The Cyclades

The Cyclades are a preferred destination for many visitors in Greece. The dominant blue of the sky and sea and the white of the sandy beaches are reflected in the typical architecture of the romantic traditional villages with their blue domed churches and white houses. Secluded beaches, barren landscapes and off the beaten path spots make sailing in this region a special experience. Sailing conditions are often quite challenging, especially in July and August, due to the prevailing north wind (Meltemi).

Your Itinerary

Every day a new island! Whatever route you may choose in the Saronic gulf, the Cyclades or in both sailing areas, typically you will visit about six amazing islands during a one-week period. We sail about 2 to 5 hours each day, leaving us enough time to swim and relax on bord in a beautiful cove.
And why not combine your sailing experience with other activities? We can help you to organize hiking and biking trips, dives or cooking lessons on almost every island.
Don’t hesitate to send as an email with the places you would like to visit or the activities you might like your trip to include. Within a day you will receive an answer with more information as well as suggestions.

A Nature experience

Sailing is an experience of the elements, the wind, the water, the waves and the sun. Recharge on your floating hotel in nature, far away from the hustle of crowded places. Snorkel and swim in unspoiled beaches, and spot marine wildlife like dolphins. Try your chances to catch your own dinner with our fishing equipment or learn how to catch an octopus. You may then cook it in the fully equipped kitchen and enjoy your dinner under the tapestry of stars.

A Family Experience

Sailing with your children could be a lifetime experience. They usually adapt quickly to life on board. Being outdoors makes them happy and everything for them is an adventure. Safety is always our priority: The yacht will be prepared with a special net around the rails  to prevent children from falling off and proper sized life jackets will be provided. Moreover we create a comfortable environment with a mattress to lay down and extra shade canvas. The route should be adapted to the children`s needs, so that sailing times do not exceed 4 hours. And if you like to spend some “alone time”, Kathrin may occasionally take care of your children, while you enjoy swimming, wandering around town or a drink in a waterfront bar.

A Cultural Experience

The Greek islands will inspire you to dive into the 5000-year-old history. Some of our favourite places combine natural beauty with ancient sites, for example Epidaurus, known not only for the world-famous Ancient theatre but there is also a sunken city you can explore while snorkelling. A special place worth visiting is Karthea on Kea, an ancient city and theatre, recently discovered and only approachable by boat. A really off the beaten path choice. Another place, where history can be touched, is a beach called Grammata („letters“), named because of ancient inscriptions by sailors with wishes and entreaties to the gods on the rocks.
And nevertheless enjoy the nightlife of the port towns, the architecture of traditional villages and get a taste of the island life, the local cuisine and the famous Greek hospitality.

A Hands-on Experience

No prior experience is required to sail with us in the Greek island world.
You may perfectly relax on board and let us operate the yacht. If you are looking for a holiday where you will learn new skills then you are more than welcome to participate actively during your sailing adventure. Get the wheel and try to keep a steady course. Learn how to trim the sails according to the winds. A week gives you plenty of time to acquire basic knowledge of sailing.



Season A:      19/03 – 20/05  & 01/10 – 25/11          

Season B:      21/05 – 01/07 & 20/08 – 30/09

Season C:      02/07 – 19/08

Skippered sailing holidays

PersonsSeason ASeason BSeason C
1 – 3

3350 €

4320 €

4700 €

4 – 64220 €4980 €5370 €
7 – 84790 €5560 €5950 €

What´s included

  • Private boat charter (you share the boat with no others)
  • Skipper and co-skipper
  • Accommodation in double cabins
  • Bedding, linen & towels
  • Yacht insurance
  • Mooring fees
  • End cleaning
  • Diesel
  • Lunch on board
  • Drinking water
  • Snorkel and fishing equipment
  • Stand up paddle board (SUP)
  • Wi-Fi internet connection on board (5 GB)
  • All taxes and fees

What´s not included

  • Transportation on land
  • Alcoholic beverages & soft drinks
  • Breakfast & dinner

Discount 10% for the 2nd week charter
Discount 15% for the 3rd week charter

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