Sailing & Itineraries

The simple and casual nature of travelling by sail boat is appropriate for anybody looking for a unique and flexible way of exploring the Greek islands. No prior knowledge is required to participate. If you have a passion for the outdoors and for seeing new places, a skippered sailing holiday is something for you.

It is entirely up to you. You may simply lean back, relax, sunbathe, take in the sights and let us fully handle the yacht,
Or you get involved in sailing the yacht, helming, pulling and winching on lines or anchoring the boat.

Sailing is appropriate for all ages and in our experience children adapt even faster to life on board than adults. Being outdoors makes them happy and everything for them is an adventure. Helming the yacht under the supervision of the skipper, swimming and snorkelling in crystal clear waters, fishing from the boat or in tiny harbours, playing and running free in sandy beaches, sleeping a night on deck under the stars are among the numerous things kids tremendously enjoy!
We will provide you with family friendly itinerary options where the sailing times won`t exceed 4 hours a day. And as an extra safety measure the yacht will be prepared with a special net around the rails to prevent children from falling off.

The typical day on a sailing holiday starts with an open air breakfast, either on board in a beautiful cove or a picturesque harbour. We then set sail towards our next destination. Once on the way, you now have 2 to 5 hours laying your towel on deck to soak up a bit of sun, enjoy the views or sit in the cockpit to relax with music or a good book. And if you are interested in sailing actively, there is always a lot to do. As the sun is well up midday, we then drop the anchor at a bay and jump in for a swim. After lunch, we set sail again for a new harbour or sheltered cove to spend the night. Usually we moor at your chosen destination at around5  pm. So there is plenty of time to go for a wonder and explore or head for another swim before dining on board or in a taverna of your choice.

Absolutely. The itineraries we propose are just some balanced proposals giving you the chance to visit a new place every day by travelling 2 to 5 hours. Use them for inspiration but also note that we can customize them in many ways in order to meet your exact needs or special wishes.

Weather in Greece

The climate in Greece allows sailing nearly all year around, The weather follows a typical Mediterranean climate pattern with hot, dry summers and mild rainy winters. The country receives a lot of sunshine, for which it is rightly famous. Mid-May to Mid-September is very dry, while July and August are unlikely to see any rainfall at all.

Spring is a delightful time of year in Greece with fine, dry weather and pleasantly warm temperatures around 20 degrees Celcius. It is the perfect season for an active holiday and to combine your sailing experience with exploring the picturesque villages of the islands, enjoying the scenic landscape sightseeing, hiking or biking. The sea will still be a little cool with an average temperature of 18 degrees Celcius. So you can still enjoy a short swim and other water activities like stand up paddle boarding (SUP), and sunbathing.

Summer weather in the islands begins in May with daily highs in the mid-20s. By July the daytime temperature is often in the 30s. July and August are the peak summer months (around 35 degrees Celsius) when the temperature will rarely drop below 20 degreesCelcius even at night. This is the perfect time for sun and sea -lovers as the water is up to 25 degrees Celcius warm!
During summer the islands are visited by the cooling “meltemi” winds – sea breezes that blow down through the Aegean. This strong northerly wind makes for challenging sailing, especially in the Cyclades in July and August. The other areas of Greece are less affected by the meltemi. It’s unusual for storms to prevent sailing in the Saronic.

In Autumn the sea is pleasantly warm with 21 degrees Celcius and often remains so until late October. Those who dislike extreme heat will find autumn temperatures comfortable during both day and night. Rain is rare until November. However, an occasional shower is possible. The meltemi wind subsides, seas are usually calm and it is an ideal period to plan a trip to the Cyclades.

The initial itinerary is subject to the weather conditions and may change. The final decision regarding weather, safety and destinations is made by the captain. But don’t worry: there are alternatives to enjoy your stay no matter the route!
Being on a weekly cruise you decide every day on your next destination and Georgios is there to help and advise you. The final plan is agreed with one eye on the weather, as your comfort and safety is always our prime concern.

What to Bring

It is highly recommended that you bring your clothes and things in soft bags without wheels (duffel bags, backpacks etc) that are easier to fold and store once unpacked. It`s also worth bearing in mind that most of your day will be spent either in swimwear or in light summer clothing, making it easy to pack light. You will be surprised how little you actually need, so try to keep it to a minimum.
Rain is extremely rare during the summer months. However, the occasional shower is possible, mainly early and late in the season, so bring a wind/water-proof jacket just in case. In May/June and September/ October a thin jacket or pullover is recommended.
You can wear pretty much what you like on your feet, although we prefer no black or hard soles while on board. A good solution is to bring one pair of non- slippery shoes with soft sole like snicker or sandals for use on-board, and some other footwear for land.

The weather can be very hot and the effect of the sun can be magnified at sea. Please make sure, you bring suitable sun protection for your skin type (SPF 50) as well as tight-fitting or securable head protection. A good quality pair of sun glasses is a must.
We provide bathroom towels, but you will need a beach towel as well to wipe out the salt after swimming.
Insect / mosquito repellent might be useful, as well as your entertainment of your choice. And, of course, don`t forget a valid passport.

We provide you with the following: bathroom towels, bed linen, snorkelling gear and fins, although some guests prefer to bring and use their own, fishing equipment as well as 12 V and USB chargers. Appliances such as hair-dryers, hair straighteners and irons use too much power for Jojo’s electrical system, so please do not bring these with you.


You will be staying on a private 14.7 m sailing yacht. There are 5 cabins (one cabin is for the crew), each sleeping 2 people, and 3 bathrooms with hot showers. The nights in Greece are very beautiful and the night sky is one to remember. You can sleep on the deck, but you will need to bring with you some type of mat and a sleeping bag because the mattresses of the yacht as well as the bed linen cannot be used on deck.

On board,  you`ll find a kitchen with a a roomy fridge. A gas cooker, with oven and 2 burners,  is at your disposal and gas is always included in the charter price. The galleys are fully equipped with dishes, flatware, pots and pans, French press for coffee and kitchen utensils.


Our sail boat Jojo is equipped with a wireless internet connection. We offer 5 GB per week for free. If you need more data, you will have the chance to get more GB for a reasonable price.

You can charge any electronic device on board.

Every cabin on Jojo is equipped with an USB socket so you can charge your mobile or tablet anytime. For other devices like cameras that need 220 v you can use the inverter that is provided. If needed, we will provide you with an an UK/USA/Canada to European plug adapter.

Our boat is fitted with a radio and mp3 player with cockpit loudspeakers. The stereo system has also an auxiliary input for patching in audio from an external device (mobile, ipod etc)

For your entertainment we do have various items on board you may use without any extra charges: a stand up paddle board, snorkelling and fishing equipment,  classic board games and some books in English.